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The Magic of Teaching Children 7th Edition

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The only Argentinian Conference especially devoted to the teaching of English in Kindergarten and Primary School Classrooms.

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This Seventh National Conference for Teachers of English to Kindergarten and Primary School Children "THE MAGIC OF TEACHING ENGLISH TO CHILDREN ” has been conceived of as a workshop where different practical applications to English Language Teaching with very young learners could be discussed by some of the most prominent exponents of our profession in our country and abroad.

Presentations will afford direct demonstrations of strategies, techniques, examples, procedures and methods for concrete classroom practice as well as the sharing of successful experiences in the teaching and learning of EFL and ESL. Within this general framework, presentations that include reports of or proposals for innovative classroom practice or new theories, methodologies or ways of looking at language and language learning and teaching are favoured in the selection of speakers.

Rather than describing or discussing, the presentations in this Conference will show a technique for teaching or testing. Normally the presenter's statement of the theory underlying the technique will take not more than ten minutes. The rest of the time will be used for showing, rather than telling.

All presentations will be plenaries of a purely academic nature. There will not be any commercial presentations in this Conference. Each plenary will range from 30 to 45 minutes long.

The official languages of the Conference are English and Spanish, though presentations in English will be favoured.


1. Angela Konstance - Eight ways to start a lesson with young children! (Sponsored by MM Publications)

2. International Speaker sponsored by National Geographic - to be confirmed.

3. Fabiana Parano - Come with me! I´'ll tell you a story and we'´ll play together!

4. Eugenia Dell' Osa - Synchronous & Asynchronous Lessons with Young Learners.

5. Paul L. Jones - My best loved classroom activities with very young learners.

6. Anastasia Vidal Mackinson - Wrapping it all up nicely! Routines and transitions in kindergarten.

7. Maria José Torres Campbell - Well-cooked English! Fun with kids in the kitchen.

8. Daniel Presta - ¿Robótica en el Jardín de Infantes? ¡Por supuesto!

9. Maria Inés Martins - Namaste! Yoga in the classroom with very young learners.

10. Julieta Mazurski - You can be the teacher your students will remember!


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