SHARE CONVENTION 2022  - "The New Shapes of ELT"

SHARE CONVENTION 2022 - "The New Shapes of ELT"

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Desde $ 5.000

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Hotel NH Buenos Aires City

120 Bolívar

Monserrat, CABA C1066


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2022 SHARE Convention - We finally meet again! Thursday 28th & Friday 29th July - NH City Hotel (Bolivar 120-CABA) Limited Vacancies!

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SHARE CONVENTION 2022 - The most awaited event for teachers of English in Buenos Aires!

More information? Click here to access the Convention's Website!

Limited Vacancies! Enrol today and don't be left out!

Imagen de SHARE CONVENTION 2022  - "The New Shapes of ELT"


Mgter. Kennis Look- Sponsored by US Embassy

Alastair Grant B.A. - Flow Theory: when everything in the classroom clicks!

Prof. Fabiana Parano - Storytelling to grow super effective listeners.

Prof. Alejandra Alliende - Make silent books speak with your voice and your students’.

Prof. Alejandra Ottolina & Lic. Maria Victoria Ottolina - Why are our students finding learning harder after the pandemic?

Lic. Martín Villarreal - Esas son Reebok o son Nike? Developing powerful listening skills in the classroom.

Prof. Eugenia Dell Osa - Helping our students to think critically may be the best way to teach them.

Lic. Mariano Nastri - Spot, customize and exploit songs like never before!

Prof. Alejandro Diharce - How to stage ten minute plays during your breaks.

Prof. Catalina Huberman - Make the best of Drama Tools in your classroom.

Dra. Maria Rosa Mucci & Dra. Beatriz Castiñeira - Playing Jeopardy with teenagers for more effective language practice.

Mgter. Liliana Vidal - Executive brain function skills for better life and learning.

Lic. Gabriela Garibotto & Lic. Noelia Garfinkiel - A creative toolkit for your English lessons.

Prof. Sandra Frattini - Noisy, unruly and demotivated students? Try social-emotional learning!

Lic. Nylia Monté & Prof. Natalia Carbonell - Games + Movement Galore!

Lic. Ricardo Spizzo - If you want to be a good teacher keep your eyes wide open onto the world!

Prof. Paola Danesi - Creativity beyond the coursebook. How to boost language and creativity in the English lesson.

Lic. Santiago Mazzei - Using all available materials to help your students improve their pronunciation.

Prof. & Trad. Gilda Pincirolli - Post-Covid Adult Classes: The new challenge.

Prof. & Trad. Betiana Grillone - Empowering your students through teamwork.

Arq. Vanina Salinas - El tercer maestro, espacio que ayuda al aprendizaje.




Dra. Silvia Germani- Enfrentando problemas emotivos y sociales en la escuela de la post pandemia.

Lic. Celeste Lopérfido - Soy profe: ¿Puedo estar sufiendo de depresión Covid 19?

Dr. Diego Flannery - Post Pandemia en el aula e Inteligencia emocional

Prof. Mariana Damonte - Los desafíos que la pandemia nos dejó. De enseñanzas y aprendizajes escolares diversos.

Psico. Andres Luraghi- La pandemia que todo lo cambió, también cambió a los chicos. Estrategias para las aulas de la postpandemia.


International Speaker sponsored by MM Publications (to be confirmed soon)

Speaker Sponsored by Path Examinations (to be confirmed soon)

Speaker Sponsored by Pearson Education (to be confirmed soon)

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