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BuzzConf 2019

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Ciudad Cultural Konex

3131 Sarmiento

Balvanera, CABA C1196


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Política de Devolución

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1. About
2. Speakers
3. Venue
4. Discounts
5. Code of Conduct

1. About:

BuzzConf is a conference by developers for developers thats brings the new horizons in computer science to a bigger audience.

Topics of interest include:

  • functional programming
  • distributed systems
  • embedded systems
  • big data
  • artificial intelligence
  • machine learning
  • profiling/debugging
  • programming languages design

2. Speakers

Philip Wadler

Philip Wadler, BuzzConf Speaker

Keynote Talk + Programming Languages

Quoted Domain Specific Languages

Phil Hagelberg

Philip Hagelberg, BuzzConf Speaker

Functional Programming + Programming Languages + Embedded systems

A Lisp on NodeMCU: microcontroller dev without sacrificing interactivity

Osvaldo Martin

Osvaldo Martin, BuzzConf Speaker

Probabilistic Programming

Probabilistic programming with PyMC and ArviZ

Karen Serfaty

Karen Serfaty, BuzzConf speaker

Machine Learning

How to recognize good teaching practices using machine learning

Simon Thompson

Simon Thompson, BuzzConf speaker

Keynote Talk + Functional Programming

Title To Be Announced

Johanna Faliero

Johanna Faliero, BuzzConf Speaker

Data Security

Data Security Chimaera: riesgos y enigmas que nos depara el tratamiento de nuestros datos

Sebastián Waisbrot

Sebastian Waisbrot, BuzzConf speaker

Machine Learning

Desmitificando machine learning

There are more speakers to come! Get your tickets soon and follow us on Twitter to receive updates!

3. Venue:

The conference will take place the Thursday 13th and Friday 14th of June 2019 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The conference will be hosted at the Ciudad Cultural Konex (Sarmiento 3131).

Food and beverage are included in the ticket price.


4. Discounts:

Cerrando la brecha de genero: To help bridge the gender gap, we offer 30% to all women and gender minorities who attend the conference.

Students get 50% off. To validate the discount, send a regular student certificate or photo of the last final exam on your student ID to buzzconf@lambdaclass.com

5. Code of Conduct:

All attendees and speakers must read and agree to this Code of Conduct

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Fecha y hora


Ciudad Cultural Konex

3131 Sarmiento

Balvanera, CABA C1196


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